Friday, February 20, 2009

Another month, another box !

Yes I just receive my box #2 from my secret spoiler in the Warm the ewe up swap on Ravelry... so it's only a month from being sure of who is my secret spoiler... !!! As I am not sure of who she is really, I can tell that she is SO good at spoiling me with another swap package filled with a lot of care from her.

Here are the details of what I got :

- 2 skeins of Fearless Fibers lace weight in the color Majestic
- a reusable bag in a cute leaves fabric that I adore
- chocolate... ummm what else to say
- mint with a knitting theme !!
- notes cards made from recycled cotton

and most of all a cd of her faves songs and she even think about giving me the titles and a little explanation on each title which I appreciate a lot and since I went through hard times recently she included some meaning songs for her in the hardest days of her life to me pass through my own...

I told you, she IS amazing spoiler and I hope we will stay good friends after that I find out who she is. Before to go, I let you a little more yarn porn... ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day

Hola ! Yes it's been a while, I'm still alive. Let just say I had thought times in the last couples of weeks and I did not been very active in knitting or anything creative except for some food as you can see just up here... I had fun creating this appetizer last week :)

I had to say a little hello even if I have no new knitting content except for something really cool : my valentine swap from Kittenlion !!

Look my lovely swap

2 patterns I really wanted badly since a long time (Tilted Duster and Central Park Hoody), 2 skeins of Malabrigo lace in color Curacao, a cup and plate cover with little hearts, candies, a gloss, tissues with heart, post-it with a "?" on it (very cute), Chaï spices (!!!), floral tea and the most lovely tape measure : a black sheep (I wanted one for SO long) and stitch marker.

I have been very well spoiled, Thank you so much Kittenlion, I appreciate everything and this make my Valentine day brighter and happier !! :)

Little close-up on the yarn