Friday, March 18, 2011

Thinking about Japan...

It's horrible to think about the disaster that just happened in Japan, my thoughts are with them and I hope that they will recover soon and rebuild everything.

This video from Black Eyed Peas was videotaped one week before the tsunami...

Friday, March 4, 2011

FO : from 2010 finally got pictures

Yay another FO from 2010 made it to the WEB !!!

I am proud to present you my nephew Zachary wearing is very cool hoody ! Go boy and enjoy...

Spec :

Pattern : What a Character Hoodie by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence (bought as a kit on Knit Picks)

Needle : 4.5mm

Yarn : Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in color Jalapeno, Peapod and Fedora.

Notes : forgot the character part of the pattern I wasn't pleased and thought it would be more wearable without. Made the 4 years old size and it's big enough and he have plenty of room to grow into (I was afraid of making again a sweater too small for him!). I hate the way the hood is attached to the body, if I do it again I would simply go on from the body to the hood instead of knitting in 2 parts. I add bias tape inside to solidify and used a zipper.

The yarn is simply soft and can go through washer and dryer which is very good ! Loved working with it and I already bought some more.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

FO : the rebirth of a UFO

Yay !

I pick up a old UFO (cast on July 5th 2010 during my nesting time) and kick myself to actually finish it ! It wasn't that hard after all and didn't took so much time. Sometime we only need a little push to work on a UFO and mine was that the size of the dress is a 12 months and it will fit Florence very soon.So had to finish it soon to be able to dress her with my knit...

Here are the specs and notes :

Pattern :  04 - Cardigan, Robe et Chausson by Berg√®re de France (from the magazine Tricot baby)

Needle : 3.5mm and 3mm

Yarn : approx. 400 yards of the violet yarn (unknown yarn bought from Wal-Mart in clearance section) for the cache-coeur and approx. 412 yards of the white (bernat  baby sport solid).

Notes: the pattern is the first french pattern I ever used in my knitting life... even if it's my mother tongue I hate how the pattern are written in french. It seems clearer in english and easier to read too. And my other concern about this particular pattern is that it involved a lot of seaming (they don't know about seamless knitting in France ?) and also way too much finishing (embroidery, seaming, grafting, etc) endless !!! That's why this project was a UFO since last July. I decided to go simple and abandon embroidery, bottom seam and the buttons for the cache-coeur. It took me less than 3 hours to finish everything.

Important : the strap for the dress are very short and I make 1,5 inches longer on the back. The booties are cute but unusable. They don't stay on feet and they are too short. And another important thing is that you don't need to seam the dress too high to let your baby move the way she like!

Finally I am happy to be done with this project and happy to be done in time to be able to put it on Florence and enjoy her wearing it !

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FO : one day project...

Yesterday my day was filled with helping out my daughter to try move forward (still not done) and knitting while she was sleeping. The best part is that I used up every little bit of yarn left from the 2 bubble cardigans I made for the girls and the pattern was free ! :-)

Ok let's talk about my new project :

Pattern : Leafy Accordion Hat by Charlotte Bouchet (avalaible both in english and in french)

Needle : 3mm

Yarn : Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport all every yarn left from both cardi.

Notes : since I ran out of the main color (malted milk) before having completed enough ridge I only used up the leftovers of the other color to continue in simple stockinette stitch.

The pattern is very stretchy and it may fit over my head if it was longer ! Good to know if I ever want to make another one. I was worried because I used smaller needle but I wanted to have the same size of stitches than the cardi. I am very pleased with how it turned out and ever more because Florence decided that she like it and wanted to keep it on her head (for now...)