Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 socks at the time but not really...

...not really using the regular method on circular. No I wanted to knit simple socks on DPN but knit them at the same pace to avoid the second sock syndrome of having one bigger than the other.

It's my first cast on project for Christmas 2010, not telling for who they are ! Even if the persons concerned have no chance to read my posts or very small chance I prefer to keep the secret for myself only. The only one that will know my every little secret for those Christmas gifts will be my little belly baby daughter, lol!

I choose Stroll yarn in fingering weight because it's Superwash and since those are intended to be socks, I find it useful. Plus the beautiful Pine color suits the pattern perfectly...

...more progress soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Almost FO post

Finally cast off the Cobblestone pullover for my fabulous boyfriend's birthday. Actually it's been kind of hard to keep it secret and keep on knitting other projects enough that he won't know what I am knitting while he's at work. Plus the fatigue due to my pregnancy I am pretty happy to be done one week before deadline.

Still have to give it a good bath and block it in the only place he don't go too much : the laundry room and keep my fingers crossed that he will not have the brilliant idea of helping me out on laundry task without prompting by me !!! Or just that baby girl will finally comes out and keep us busy until my lover's birthday on July 29th.

So FO post to be done with my Nicolas wearing it after July 29th !!! So excited !!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Update on Friday

Yes already a week without posting, but I was just so busy and not much to post about on knitting avenue...

So last week end I end up going to the lake with my extended family on my dad side, that was fun and I wasn't the only preggo belly out there since my sister in law is also preggo, she is due for October so showing too. We had a blast enjoying swimming in the lake, taking boat ride and laughing a lot too ! My boyfriend played with the kids since he still one himself and went in all the mothers heart because the kids were tired at the end of the day ! I can tell he will be the best dad ever !!! :)

This whole week has been about three things mostly : cooking (I filled the freezer with so many food that I have no more place in it!), cleaning and doing paperwork for the immigration of my love, since he will change his job soon and we need to change his work permit. I can't wait to have answer about his permanent residency. Life will become easier when he will be permanent resident I hope and the only little step to do in a few year will be Canadian citizenship...

On the knitting side, I am doing great progress on my last post project that I will have a FO very soon, just a lot more of stockinette to do and hours of seaming too ! Also going fast on my birthday sweater for my boyfriend. I need to finish soon enough because baby is coming soon too and I won't have that many time to knit after birth.

at least I took lovely pictures too...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sneak peek on a wip

A little preview of my current project...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FO : Cloud bolero

Yes another one again ! So fun to bust quick project like those one. I am super productive these days with my knitting and also with my cleaning, must be close to end of my pregnancy I am super active in cleaning too!

This one was mostly knitted while watching Wimbledon and being so proud of Nadal !!!

Here are the spec

Pattern : Cloud bolero by Ysolda Teague

Size : medium (36-38)

Needle : 8mm

Yarn : Mano del Uruguay Cotton stria in pink color that I love, just under 2 skein (approx. 220 yards)

Cast on : June 30th and Cast off July 2nd

Mods : none I just for sure didn't use yarn called for but was right on gauge (for one time a year that I check...)

Errata : there is a little errata in the pattern in the first section at row 20, after you place the second marker B it says (k1, yo) 3 times, but it must read (yo, k1) 3 times. It's not fatal and doesn't compromise your knitted bolero if you don't notice but it's always fun to know that we made the best we can to achieve the best knitting in each piece.

18th FO of 2010, already have knitted 6496 yards so far

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FO : Capitan hat

Another FO in no time was done! Cool huh ? I am quite a bit behind on my blog because of the bad weather we had last week, that was not fun to take pictures in my condo, so I waited until today to take the coolest pictures with the big bright sun !

I also use leftover of yarn which is always a good news and I had fun too. Bonus point, it fits me well too even if it's not for me...

Pattern : Capitan hat by Rosi Garmendia

Needle : 6mm

Yarn : Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in wine color, about 1 skein (137 yards)

Cast on and cast off : June 28Th

Mods : Umm it wasn't enough long after 3 repeats of the cable repeat as stated in the pattern, so I added one more repeat before the decrease. I also improvised a bit in the decrease as I don't really like to follow pattern for that, I know what to do anyway to make a cute decrease.
First hat with a brim, I must have to admit that I like it and it makes me smile. Did you see the perfect buttons I had in stock for this hat ?

6276 yards knitted so far in 2010 and this one is my 17th FO of 2010 !! not bad...

Friday, July 2, 2010

New header

...as you can see I just receive my photos from my photo session and create my first custom header. Let me know how you like it...