Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spain part 2 and a right sleeve !

Hello !

Now let's talk about our second stop in Spain : Marbella, one of the cutest beach resort city I have seen. Life seems to be cool and relax in that place of the globe and I feel like I would stay there for all the sunny season ! We spent 3 days in Marbella including transportation by bus from and to Malaga for our connection to other destinations.

Marbella is a city of around 115 000 inhabitant. Like in the rest of Spain, economy is hard for tourism related industry and there are a lot of empty restaurant at night. But the terrasses were almost all full in the Old city where we were lodging. The motto of the city is "A way of life" and I can tell that I can adjust to that life for sure ! It's kind of the "St-Tropez" of la Costa del Sol in Spain. There are plenty of artist and rich people who crossed those streets. Back to Orange Square, or "La Plaza de los Naranjos", as it is called in Spanish, expect to meet with stately buildings, small shops, art galleries, bars and bistros and is a hub of activity day and night.

You can also take a walk on the Avenida del Mar where you can find classy restaurant, bar, and concrete skycraper just a few step away from the sea. Marbella coastline is 26km long. We tried some restaurants with the most delicious seafood at night for dinner and fabulous tapas for the lunch (to be enjoyed with a cold beer).

The beach is perfect and here you can see me in the water (really cold!)

Night at the restaurant

The sand alligator

Truly, I wish I could go back soon in this beautiful place and spend a lot of time sleeping under the sun, shoping in the shop all around and enjoy good meal everynight !

Now about knitting...

I have finish my right sleeve, yay for me ! I did not spend that much time on knitting this week, first week back to work is always a bit crazy and everyone is asking about the travel and want to go lunch with you and since you can't say no you finish by spending way too much time at lunch and you have to finish your day later... ouf. Viva la vida loca ! It's fun to be appreciate at work but it's a lot of work too ! haha !

I still enjoy the pattern a lot, the yarn and the combinaison of both seems to work great. Size is good. I am really proud of this work, all thoses littles stitches all together to form a sweater that's so cool. I love knitting ! As I lengthened the body, I am doing the same with the sleeve. I only have some trouble with my imagination to imagine all those part combining for the yoke... we'll see soon.

Look at the beast it is closer and closer to be a sweater now ! With a second sleeve it will be better for sure, so back to work on it !

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back to real world

Welcome back to me and to the already coming : fall. When I leaved Quebec it was the full glory of the summer with 3-4 weeks of perfect hot weather and superb sun. Then I went to Spain having myself ann additionnal 2 weeks of wonderful weather and then...BANG... back to Quebec and it's cold ! My God ! it's almost time to wear jackets, hats and mittens. *sigh* Yes, welcome back to reality...

What about my travelling... umm where to begin, lol, been quite adventurous sometimes and so lazy at others. But in facts, I'm just so happy that I enjoyed 2 weeks with Mr.Wonderful in Spain, just the two of us 24/24.

First stop was on Malaga, a transit city in which we have spent 2 days and where I had my one and only Mojito drink of the whole trip since it cost us a bunch ! Can you ever imagine paying so much for so little attention at the end. It's horrible. So after that we only drank beer (cerveza), wine (vino) and water (agua) and if you don't speak spanish, the pronunciation is very far of what you're thinking ... for those like me who have french as first language it's easier, but I am lucky enough to get it fast because in lot and lot of place, they don't even know the existence of english or french.... hahaha !
So back to Malaga, it's the typical old town which grown up and became a center not for tourism but for living, working, commuting, etc. As we learned after it's not the place really to be a tourist. They are not really activities, not a lot of restaurant and since it's was a special holiday on the second day it's was worse and we spend the day walking around, taking picture and we followed a plan about what to see in Malaga, provided by the tourism office, but there is so few things to see you can do them all in the same day for sure.
The Cathedral

The Roman ruins

Oh and the good point is that Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, so I can accept that the city have a bigger interest to me, but be aware that the "Museo Picasso Malaga" is very small and they are not big artwork or anything you may know, the real thing is mostly in Madrid or Barcelona museums. So that's it about Malaga... it may sound rude or that I dislike the town, but in comparaison with the other location we visited... this is not my favorite at all.

I will continue with my other 3 locations in another post, because now for me it's almost bedtime, still a bit on jetlag and I have to work tomorow... :P

About knitting now : first of all I had no problems at all with my needles in the planes, security checks and all the places they checked on you around airport, train and autobus. For sure I choose Knitpick Harmony woods in circular version so it was not metal and second important point, I did not exibit it in the check points. I only use it in the place when flying and in my hotel room finally. And here are the results : the body of my Green Gable is done, it's a bit longer because I like it that way, but after the try on me, for sure I will pay attention with what I will wear it because chunky yarn is not friend with baggy style if you don't wanna look like 200 pound person !
That's all for tonigh folks, stay tune for the other 3 locations in Spain and possibly the right sleeve of Green Gabel by the end of the week...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hola, quetal estas ?

Hola mi amigo !
hey just a quick post to say good bye for next 2 weeks, I meet my BF in Spain, we will be together on Saturday... umm miss you babe. Please say a little prayer for me that the customs let me keep my needles, so I could knit the Green Gable during flight, I have knitpicks wood harmony needle, I think it will be ok... *crossed fingers*
So have fun everyone and I will bring you sun, news, knitting, and photos
Bye bye !