Sunday, June 29, 2008

FO : Pomatomus

Yes I just graft the toes of my Pomatomus, I did love working on those. It is a great pattern and with the stich definition of Noro Kureyon sock, they are near of perfection. I first said they won't match because I did not see the same color at the beginning of sock #2, but finally they are just right on colors. They are really twin brothers :).

Ready to go on the second pair of sock for SOS 2008, certainly I can't beat most sock record while doing those kind of socks but I really enjoy them !

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pomatomus is driving me crazy !

I just love how this pattern turns out with this yarn. I knitted all day long for the whole week end and here is the result : a first sock is done and the cuff of the number 2 sock is also done... wow ! It went fast. SOS is a perfect motivation to knit faster and to try new pattern without procrastinate with the second sock. Cookie A pattern are so well written that it makes me wanna knit all of her patterns. Pomatomus is now a knitting classis in Ravelry is it because of :

a- the fame of Cookie A
b- the genious pattern
c- the freebie factor
d- the exposure because of
e- all of the above

I would certainly answer e in my case, I love her writting, I love the way the stich pattern looks and I waited so long to knit those because I wanted them to be in the perfect yarn and knitted them perfectly. I love because it makes me know new designers and try patterns that are differents. It also a good way to show : "hey I'm a designer, look what I do." Freebies are always a good way to get to know a designer style and writting style.

Look at all the pretty colors. They are definitly a keep for myself those, sorry everyone but they are MINE !!! :) The socks won't match for the colors but I don't care, I did not want to scrap a super long tread of green to match them. I like socks that are not perfectly the same anyway and as humans, socks can't be perfects neither. This is where the fun begins...

Tomorow I can knit all day long because it's day off for everyone here in Quebec, it's the national celebration for Quebec. 400 years of history in Quebec, 400 years of french speaking in america... I will explain a little bit of history about this "nation" tomorow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You know what it is...

When knitting mojo is back... he is really back ! :) I have almost not knit since 4-5 weeks and now since Saturday at midnight on the begginning of SOS 2008, I can't stop knitting now ! Not only I am almost done with sock 1 of Pomatomus (pictures tomorow night) but I also cast on for the February Lady Sweater which is a revisited version of a Elisabeth Zimmerman classic baby sweater but adapted for women.

This is what it is supposed to look like once finish :

And this is what it look like now in my living room :

I am using the Vera Moda Corn yarn I received in the Spring swap... very fun to knit with. I promess to take a better picture with sunlight later on this week.

I just joined a group on Ravelry this week end about viral knitting... it's quite interesting because I am more than into viral knitting... on the Top 10 patterns on Ravelry I already knitted 5 ! And currently February Lady Sweater is number 2 most active pattern on Ravelry. Am I influenced by others for knitting ? Totally... I assume that if so many people enjoy knitting those item, I will probably do the same, at the same time I can be a lonely knitter like for my Drop Blouse I knitted last year, I was the first one to list this project on Ravelry and try this out.

Here is the list based of the top 10 I put those I already knit in bold letters

1- Clapotis with 6369 projects
2- Fetching with 6287 projects
3- Monkey with 5597 projects

4- Calorimetry with 4391 projects
5- Jaywalker with 4385 projects
6- Baby Surprise Jacket with 3570 projects
7- My So Called Scarf with 2737 projects
8- Ballband Dishcloth with 2723 projects
9- Saartje’s Bootees with 2441 projects

10- Felted Clogs with 2395 projects

What about you ? Are you a viral knitter of more independant one ? Interesting to investigate...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yay it's summer !

Hey all of you living in the up side (North Hemisphere to be politically correct) of the world, it's finally summer today ! It also mean the begginning of .... Summer of socks 2008 !!!! Yahoo !!! :) I could not find sleep last night so at midnight I was all awake casting on my Pomatomus, which will be my first cast on sock for SOS.

I am using as suggested 2.75mm bamboo DPN and my Noro Kureyon sock. So far I am not "in love" with the quality of the yarn. It goes from super thin to super thick and it's really easy to break the yarn if you don't pay attention (2 knots inside the sock yet...). But to the defense of Noro... I am totally in love with the colors which is the main reason why I bought this skein anyway. So enjoy the first pic of my Pomatomus...

As you can see I went a little crazy on knitting today... and I am almost done with the 3 repeats before the heel flap... ahem... don't expect me to be THAT fast all the time, but I had a knitting day since very early so ... no comments... ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Less than 3 hours before SOS

Hey it's only 2h40 before the start up of Summer of socks 2008 !!! Wow, can'T believe it's finally summer and the begginning of the SOS. Be prepare to a summer full of knitted socks !

I did not have a lot of thing to blog about lately because I was holding myself not to knit socks, I even tried to distract my socks madness by working on a Clapotis but I lost the interest quite fast after the first drops stiches. I just want to knit sock...

I did not even that to you about my lastest yarn acquistions :

Simply sock yarn in color Trevi (I like the name for this blue because "Trevi" is a name brand of a pool retailler here in Quebec and it reminds me of the color of a pool with the sun reflection on the water) and

Simply sock yarn in color Green sand beach

they are both from Rock Creek Yarn which is also a sponsor of the SOS. I need to choose pattern for these 2 baby and be creative with such good yarn ! The yarn is very soft and it will certainly be a real pleasure to knit with it, I will give you feedback soon.

I think I will get to bed early to be able to cast on soon in the morning tomorow, hopefully it's week end !

Happy summer of sock everyone :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Why not try a meme ?

I have seen this one so often in the last few weeks that I decide to tag myself all alone... lol I will not tag anyone else, if you like it, do it and enjoy !
1.) What was I doing ten years ago?
Umm, I was 14, so on June 13th I was jumping all around with excitation about the upcoming summer vacations. I was also busy with planning a party with some friends for National Fiesta of Quebec : la St-Jean ! (for those who don't know this, it's celebrate on June 24th by people in Quebec to promote the unique aspect of Quebec culture and most of all, have a lot of fun and sing along all night around a campfire).
2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
- do dishes
- iron clothes for next week
- watch a movie I save on my TV terminal
- call my friend Karine to set up a little gathering when darling BF came back from Algeria in 2 weeks
- Go outside and leisure in the sun
3) Snacks I enjoy:
- fruits berries, like strawberry, rawsberry, blueberry, anything berry...
- almond
- cheese
- ice cream !
4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Oh my god, totally buying myself a van full of gorgeous yarn, a mercedes and hire someone to build my house instead of doing it ourselve next spring. Then I would pay off debts of my brother for his mortgage. Buy the dream house that my parents are looking at these days and deliver it to them with a big bow on it. Then pick all the friends and family in a vacation to Hawaï and marry my BF... It would be this in the first 2-3 weeks and then enjoy, get back to school and travel more than I could even imagine !
5) Places I have lived:
Thetford Mines
nothing exotic here !
6) Jobs I have had:
- Hand car washer
- Building painter
- Lifeguard
- Swimming pool monitor
- Sales person in a clothes shop
- Hostess in a restaurant
- Home and car insurance agent
So this is it... first meme of my blog, it was about time uhh ?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Knitty is up !

Hey look at the new design on , here is pick of my favorites :
Spring forward socks : very cute I'm planning them very soon of my "to knit list"

Shetland shorty : Love it but not too sure because of my bust that it would come out as nice as on the model.

and my favorite : BYOB (Bring your own bag)

Ecological, simple and useful. What can we ask more about this pattern ? Maybe, for once, be able to find the recommanded yarn in a shop near of my home... lol but it helps me to use my imagination and try new yarn !