Thursday, September 23, 2010

FO : Secret Cobblestone

Yes I made it !!! The surprise was perfect, he never had a single though about my plan in his back... Let say with the pregnancy it has been quite easy to hide while on maternity leave, and before that I cast on and work on it when I was on lunch time at work, while waiting for him when he's playing tennis or soccer... I am pretty proud of my surprise ! :-)

Let's see the spec of my new FO.

Pattern : Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood

Needle : 4.5mm

Yarn : 10.5 skeins of wool of the andes worsted weight (KnitPicks) in mist color

Cast on May 21st

Cast off : July 22nd

The Man love his new pullover and wears it a lot in the past few days, I am already thinking about a number 2... maybe for Christmas ... ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Already 46 days for my little princess

Hello !!! Already 46 days since I gave birth to my lovely princess... the time goes so fast since she's in my life ! ...and it's wonderful. She kept me busy and away from my knitting but I do enjoy taking care of her so much that I don't mind. She's a very calm baby and as you can see she's now smiling for about 10 days !!! This is the mommy's and daddy' paycheck for rough moment don't you think ?

I just begun knitting again yesterday so I will be posting more again ...