Thursday, January 12, 2012

FO : Hat attack hat

A simple yet cute hat designed for my mom as her requests

I used about a skein of Knit Picks Comfy bulky in Ivory.
Needle : 5mm

Easy easy as I used the same pattern all around to keep it simple. Since last year she wears it a lot and the yarn is still beautiful !

If I have a little time ahead I will find my notes and released the pattern I hope before the end of the month.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another project not knitting but I'm proud of it

I talked in my first post of 2012 that we are renovating the of my accomplishment in 2011 is this :

I remove the ceramic tiles of the entryway and replace it all by myself !

I don't have a FO picture yet because we changed all the molding and we had a lot of friends and family over for Christmas plus all the family of my husband from France so I need to paint a final coat and add some deco and voila I'll be done, but I was too excited to show you !!!

Better than before don't you think ?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FO : Retro Rib Socks

A few days before his birthday (actually his birthday is December 8th), my father told me that he loves his knitted sooooo much that he sleep with it every night. Ok I get the point he want some new socks !

Fortunately I had begun Retro Ribs sock back in July...2010 so I grabbed them with only the foot of one to do and both toes. So it went quickly and my father had the gift he wanted !

Pattern Retro Rib socks by Evelyn A.Clark from the book Favorite socks

 Needles : 2.25mm DPN
Yarn : Knit Picks Stroll solid in Pine color about 1.5 ball I guess

Easy I don't know why I did not finish right away last year...probably I had a startisis crisis !

Now that's clear that my dad will want some more next year for his birthday again, maybe I should think about them and knit them ahead of the time... :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Our wedding in a few pictures...

As I promise to do last year, better late than never... a few pictures of our perfect wedding !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy new year !!

Yes once again I discover my blog after a while, needless to say it's been a lot in my life since last May !

My baby is already 17 months, I moved to our dream house in July and we are renovating our house since then ! And big news s that I am pregnant again ! Due July 19th, we are excited to be parents again !!!

So I'll spend next few day to blog about latest project and as asked by some I'll post some picture of our wedding day back in April...

Happy new year 2012 to all of you knitter and fellow crafter, may this year filled of beautiful crafts :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I'm knitting right now

not much to say these day...too busy with the new schedule of work. I am back to work since 2 full weeks and it's a whole world of adaptation for baby and me. She's now going full time to daycare and it's been a bit of stress for me. I was worried about her being there for such long period of time and 4 to 5 days a week but she surprised me well. She's doing giant step in her development while watching other kiddos and she's doing well. She's really tired at the end of the day and need time to relax at home, but we all do after a day out of home.

The bigger downstep of being back to work is having less me time and time to knit ! At least I have bigger pay check and will be able to buy some yarn in the future... :-) which is always good news.

Meanwhile I am still knitting two projects :

first a very boring black ribs sweater for my husband that he wanted for so long... umm I said it before but it's boring !

and a very pretty and soft shawl/scarf made of pure silk which is a joy to knit

let's just call it balance.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I do love swaps

Yes I did again and participate in SOAB 10, read swap on budget 10th edition. It's my fourth time I think that I do it and will certainly do it again in the future. It grows so big since my first time and it's fun. My only complain is about how small amount of time I have to chat on Ravelry now, with a baby almost walking at 9 months I'm very busy watching her !

So here my fabulous swap box that I receive from lebou1sa on Ravelry and I am so lucky to got her as my spoiler !

She sent me local yarn and soap from Michigan, a assortment of black tea that I adore, pretty buttons plus the best of all two hand made items (!!!) : a crocheted market bag and a very very cute sheep pouch since I love everything sheep.

I feel spoiled and I really enjoy being her spoilee...  Thanks again !!!