Monday, February 22, 2010

FO : Knotty but nice, the tale of a hat...

My last FO of 2009 never had it's picture taken to this blog because of a simple reason : we though for weeks that my boyfriend lost it at the border when we head down there at the end of the year...but no, I was doing some changes in my condominium and I just found it !!!  So finally here are my FO post and pictures...

Spec :

Pattern : Knotty but nice by Nathalie Larson

Needles : 4.5mm

Yarn : .75 skein of Cascade 220 in dark gray

Cast on : December 16th 2009

Cast off : December 29th 2009

Mods : none

Comments : Umm if I ever do a hat with heavy cables, I'll remember to do it a bit bigger or knit looser because I think it's a bit thight. Fortunatly I have a very good nature and I will knit again for my man... :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FO : February Lady Olympic sweater

Yes I did another attempt at this pattern and it worth it totally... :) I had a blast knitting this and I knit in a record time... let me tell me the story of my new sweater...

First of all, it is part of Ravelympic SO I had to cast on during opening ceremony last Friday February 12th and my hands were anxious to begin. I had make my balls out my skeins and check my gauge prior to event which was allowed. And I knit like a crazy one to cast off on February 15th, Monday night with second sleeve. I just slack on putting my buttons on it and take pictures but during week it's kind of busy right here so I had to wait before to show to you all.

Here are the spec :

Pattern : February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne

Needles : 6.5mm

Yarn : just  under 3 skeins of Malabrigo merino worsted in color Verdes, receive in December 2008 in a swap... let me show how much left I have :

That was VERY close from running out of yarn !!!

Mods : a few... I followed directions for a small but I remove 2 sections of 7 stitches to get a less swingy cardi and before I was aware of running out of yarn. I arrange the stitches where it suits me best in order to be confortable in it.

Here are some shots of it :
while blocking

front view

from the back

some proof of the baby belly

So glad to be done with my first sweater of the year and also have a sweater completed for Ravelympics !!! My challenge is now to complete another sweater for me before closing ceremony... I'll show you my progress tomorow.