Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FO : Thrum mittens

Yes yes yes !!! My hands will be toasty this winter to play in the snow with the Man and throw snow balls in the back of his head when he's not looking at me.... ;) lol !

Specs :
Pattern : Thrum mittens kit by Fleece artist, color is Mineral I think... but not sure it wasn't written on the pattern.
Needles : 3.5mm
Size : adult medium
Cast on : September 12Th
Cast off : September 18Th
Mods : none
Notes to myself, don't be afraid about pulling on fleece and pay attention to my hands and wrists, I don't know if it's the thrumming but my hands were very painful at the end of this. But quick and fun pattern will certainly make more.

Tonight is Stitch and bitch with the group of Quebec city ! Yippee !! :) See you tonight girls :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hat war is on !!!

Yes I am in war !!! In hat war... for those who don't what I am talking about, before you think that I am totally crazy read this : hat war is a competition in knit and crochet world. I found the event on Ravelry and I sign up. We must knit or crochet a weapon, a hat, and send it as quick as possible to our target. Once the target have the weapon the target is "dead" and must send her incomplete weapon to the assassin who will have to try to kill the second target. Last one standing win a big prize of yarn of course...

The patterns were available at midnight on Friday morning but I was sleeping and when I woke up I decide to finish my thrum mittens (which I will blog about tomorrow) and then choose a pattern and knit it up. I choose the pattern then I knit it up quickly...
Specs :
Pattern : Boy hat by Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
Needle : 4.5mm
All knit up last Friday went fast but 2 x2 ribbing is really boring, fortunately I had great movies to watch !!! ;)

Weapon is now in the mail to my target... BANG BANG !

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday night knitting

Oh yes it's finally week end for me !!! I had a big week and a very great week end before but I am so glad that it's over and well behind me now... I recently booked my vacation for Riviera Maya and we are leaving in only 3 weeks from now.... I am so excited and I did not even start to think about knitting for the vacation... Really have to take note about that I can't go to a vacation resort for 2 weeks without yarn and needles ;)

Here is a little picture of me playing on the "Muse" statue in Carre D'Youville in Vieux Quebec...

On the knitting side I put the sock on the side for another project that I just bought at the new LYS next door to my place : Thrum mitten kit by Fleece Artist. I really enjoy the project and I knit the first mitten straight in one day and I had almost no time to knit on the second one this week and I am almost done now. That how quick those mittens are !

Here is how the kit look like when I first brought it home. I paid 29$ for the kit, including yarn, roving and the pattern. It's ok since I will use pattern again for sure.

Then I did not stop to take any picture until earlier today. You can see the first mitten all done in the back, the roving left to put in thrums in the second mitten and my wip on the second mitten.

You can see the needle holding live stitches for the thumb placement later but I kept on knitting before coming here to talk about it. I already told you but it's really addictive when you are knitting thrums !! :)

Winter be ready, 'coz I am now !

Friday, September 4, 2009

One down, one more to go...

First sock is done as you can see, I've finished it on Tuesday night and I already cast on for the second one since I was watching TV and didn't want to find my yarn and notions to begin a Christmas project. I enjoyed the feeling of one feet in a warm wool sock and yes it's close now the moment where I will wear them and appreciate them as well. I always wonder why I do not knit them two at once, but I love dpn too much for sock knitting to abandon that practice... or maybe I could try at least the circular needle Robyn sent me in previous swap to knit socks soon.

I love love love love the colors and the yarn is heaven ! Kangaroo Dyer is one of the best yarn for sock I ever used, it's soft, smoochy and feel like a charm while knitting. Aren't it's lovely ?

My sock number 2 is on the way already, first chart done and I'm still going and going. It's always faster on the second one because I do not have to read the pattern again, I know it by heart.

So for now I will enjoy my 4 days week end and hopefully, I'll have plenty of time to knit and continue my sock...
Oh, almost forgetting... there is a new LYS right next to my condo in St-Augustin, will talk about it soon and get some pictures for your eye pleasure... with lot of fiber to please your mind! It opened yesterday and yes I am already a customer..... ;)