Friday, March 13, 2009

Still somewhere

Yes it's me, do you remember ... ?? My life have been crazy lately and I did not had a lot of time to knit, blog or anything else in facts ! To make it simple, I am newly single, back to mom's house and all my stuff is in boxes somewhere, work is crazy and I just challenge myself to get back in shape and I am back to gym as much as possible... I might be crazy to do so much but it doesn't let me a lot of time to knit unfortunately.

Recent news in knitting stuff, first I did receive 2 weeks ago a wonderful swap box from smcestrada in the Favorite thing swap 2 that my friend was holding on Ravelry. I was full of wonderful stuff to make me feel good after my break up with my ex... here are the proofs.

So she sent me yummy chocolate, cream that smell so good, bath salt that she made herself !!(I am so impressed and the scent is cucumber melon), 2 handmade bookmarks, 2 books : "Unspeakable" and "Luxury knitting" from Linda Morse that I did have time to read yet..., 2 balls of Telemark (Knit Picks) in color Colombine (I heart it a lot !!), a very cute mug and my favorite of all : a pin that say : "I love when I'm right, which is always !" LOL

I can't say enough thank you to smcestrada you really spoiled me well and I have been so busy that I almost forgot to tell the world about how cool you are !!

Thanks you again smcestrada !!!

and stay tuned, I will be back sooner than later with my new knitting project and my WIP in progress that I wish to finish by the end of the month.