Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FO : Rainbow socks

Rainbow socks against the spring rains... what can beat a rainny day and put a smile on your faces : Rainbow socks !

Specs :

Needle : 2.25 mm
Yarn : ONline Supersocke 100 color Savane about 2/3 of a skein (I have enough left to make a pair of baby socks)
Cast on : March 20 th
Cast off : April 29 th

I finish those in April to be part of the "pair a month challenge" I am playing on Ravelry. Kind of fun and make me knit more socks than if I have no plans. These socks were fun to do and I enjoy short rows heels. My only mod is that I made a different toes than the pattern called for.

Did you notice : after a startitis crisis in the past few month I now finish what I begun. My only 2 WIP waiting for attention are Thermal and 103-1 Jacket. Thermal is waiting for a new pair of circular and 103-1 will be done in a few weeks for sure.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jump in !

As many knitters, I always look for some ways to be able to afford more yarn to increase my stash larger and larger... while browsing around on other Ravelry members blogs I notice again the PayPerPost website. It is actually a website where bloggers and advertisers meet to spread the word about items you already love and make money while doing it! I saw it quite a few time all around and I though why can’t I give it a try?

The advertiser post opportunities on the site and if a blogger “Postie” meet in the interests they are math up and so the "Postie" post about the advertiser and he make some money. So isn't a great thing you talk about something you already like as you would have probably do in a post eventually and you get paid for it, amazing !

Then I fill in the questionnaire and waited a few hours for approval and now this is my first “paid post”. So far I read both negatives and positives reviews about it but as I was reading again the word of mouth ethics , I feel secure to do it and be honest to my readers as you will always know by the button at the bottom of the post if I was sponsored for it or not.

I will make myself an opinion by the time I will make a few sponsored posts and then I see if I wish to continue. As my mom always told me : you don’t know before you tried !

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stash enhancement

I received my order from Valley Yarn last week but I had no sunny day to take good pictures of it so here I present you my new highly addictives yarns.

First when I bought these there was a 10% off everything... so what could I do ? I only ordered some yarn I never tried before : Malabrigo merino worsted, Noro Kureyon sock yarn and Araucania Ranco solid... they are all so yummy ! Can't wait to decide what exactly I will do with all of them.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Hi just a quick post to say there is an interresting contest on Studio knit and you have to join the fun ! (Please say I refer you!). It's a very simple answer a few questions and have a very good chance to win goodies !

No pictures in this post... my BF is gone to see Montreal Canadiens winning the 7th match by the score of 5-0 against Boston. So bye bye Boston !

Tomorow I will have knitting content.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FO : Endpaper , that was the secret project

Yes finally Josie is back at home and she got her surprise present ! Look at the pretty ribbon...

There they are : Endpaper mitts by Eunny Jang pattern

Spec of the project : Endpaper mitts pattern is by Eunny Jang genious designer

Needles :
US 0 / 2.0 mm for the ribbing
US 3 / 3.25 mm for the colorwork

Yarn : Knit Picks Palette in color black and pool (about an half a skein for the black and a quarter for the blue)

Cast on April 10th and cast off April 19th (but I have to redone the first mitt completly...)

Notes : It's my very first colorwork and it was so fun that I am actually browsing to find me another pattern already ! It appears that I knit a little bit too tight because the size I made is too be compared as a medium by the pattern but with way larger needles. I will work on that for my next pattern in colors.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fo : Wisp

Yes I did a project in less than a week and I'm betting record as my secret project is goiing to be done under a week as well too, but I can't talk about it anymore because SHE is reading !!! lol Hello Josiane...
About my wisp now, proudly presenting

Moumou wearing it

While blocking

It's in full glory

Spec of my Wisp

Needle : size US 8 / 5.0 mm

Yarn : Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino (I ran out of yarn and I had to use my cast on tail to cast off and even another thread I had very similar for the last 8 stiches !!!)

Colorway : Ultra Blues

Notes : I use the Flexible Edge Cast-Off suggested by Evelyn Clark and Cat Bordhi. This gives a beautifully flexible edge that’s just wonderful for shawls. It blocks extremely well.

Knit two, * return to the left needle, knit two together through the back loop, knit one, repeat from the * . Actually, I skip the returning to the left needle part and knit two together on the right needle after inserting the left needle into the front loops.

It's even stretchier than my very loose cast on I recommand it on lace.

And finally, I'm sure now that I love making lace and I will shop to find another fun laceweight project to do somewhere in the future.

About another FO, my Lazulie booties finally got button sew on, hopefully because I will give them tomorow morning as we do a little something to say bye bye to future mommy Janie. Look at them now they are done.

Oh! Almost forgetting... cross your finger for tonight game I want the HABS to win this one also!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sorry for the title but... my hockey team just won his second playoff game against Boston... Yes I am talking about Montreal Canadiens !!!
Here some pictures M.Wonderful took at the first game last Thursday at Bell Center (another victory... 4-1 and tonight 3-2).

About knitting now... Currently finishing my Wisp, so close to ran out of yarn so I had to cut off a repeat for the lace pattern only 16 instead of 17 but it's still long enough. And also working hard on a secret project I had to rip off completly and restart this week, but it's very quick and I am 50% done so far.

Picture of my Wisp will be taken tomorow because I don't enought light tonight.

Finally, I went to my LYS today and I found this :

to replace GarnStudio Muskat in a future project and :

this to be a fabulous pair of sock by the end of the year!

Good night !

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday night news

While browsing on Ravelry, I just came across the blog of Rachel which is link here and she have a fabulous contest that I must talk about. She is raising fund for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I know this society very weel since I participate in a fund raising effort last fall for the team of my sister-in-law who is afflicted by a lymphoma. So I could not pass by without donating something and I invite you all to maybe do the same because the society's mission is really important for a lot of persons. Oh! and I am almost forgetting to mention that she is giving yarn for every 100$ raised.

About knitting now because if I remember well it's what I'm talking about mostly here... umm I'm pretty sure about that.
My wisp is coming out nicely so far and I did 6 repeat for the lace pattern, only 11 to go before to be completly done! Take a look by yourself :

If I continue at this pace, I did one repeat Sunday, two on Monday, three on Tuesday... I will be done by the end of the week maybe!

And finally a extreme knitting experience... a motorcycle all knitted... or almost, create by Theresa Honeywell in 2006. After the knitted Ferrari, the motorcycle is my favorite extreme knitting!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday knitting

Yesterday was a short post... so I take a few moments to show what I begun today, yes I know another new project, I need to finish something soon. But when I hit a little bump I prefer to switch to another project instead of unravel my work. I hate to work backward!

So I received this week a new yarn : Crystal Palace Kid Merino in color "Ultra Blues". Since it's my first time buying and using laceweight yarn, I only bough one skein and found a lovely pattern : Wisp which have been published on Knitty.com , this is what it will look like when I will be done on this :

Pretty hum ? I do like the fluffy look and the classic-chic texture... This is wehre I am after a few row today :

Not bad so far I think it's pretty easy but I can't go fast I have to check and count my stitches to be sure I don't end with 2-3 stitches short than suppose. The yarn is fun to work with and I found that it's softer when knit than in the ball, good thing because I won't be wearing the ball but a knitted garment after all !

About other yarn news, I did receive my BO from http://www.yarnandfiber.com/ it has been really quick to get it and as usual from them, quick delivery and no shipping cost... I love that! Good thing that the March Madness sales are finished because when it's about sock yarn...

Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Yarn in color Gypsy Rose

And finally a very romantic attention from Mr Wonderful yesterday he came back from work with...

a dozen of red roses... wow ! I cannot dream of a better BF in my life. I love you too honey !

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hey I'm still alive

A week without posting,... umm bad girl, but I did not knit a lot. My right front is now done for my 103-1 jacket, but except that, I've been mostly using my free time soing the spring cleaning and doing food, at this very moment I'm doing a cake for tonight, my BF favorite : carrot cake with cream cheese frosting on it... I'll post a picture before to go of my creation...

On another theme, look at this wonderful bag Angelina Jolie was carrying last fall. It's The Sweater Knit Satchel , truly I need to do myself something like this one day, it's so cool and I won't have to pay 368 US$ for it...
I promess, I will post faster next time !