Monday, November 30, 2009

Travel to Riviera Maya part 2

Umm looking to these pictures makes me wanna quit everything and get back to Mexico !!! We had such a wonderful time over there and I wish we can go back soon enough...

I wanted to share some more pictures with you about what we can see over there and leave for a moment in my memories of sun, sea, farniente....

I told you we went to Tulum but we all saw some pictures of Mayan ruins one day or another so I decide to introduce what we did after visiting Tulum ruins. We hire a tour with Mayan Xtreme adventures and we had 3 activities in the afternoon : flying in the sky over the rain forest in a canopy,

let our self go down from the sky using ropes and rappel techniques and finally swimming in a cenote (pure water that is found underground in Yucatan peninsula).

On the Hotel site we had the chance to see a lot of wildlife including those swans.

What I miss the most is the ocean and the sound of the waves on the beach... watching boat, go for a little swim and dreaming all day long in front of it...

But back to real life, we needed to head back home and we found out snow and a little surprise : my mom had decorate our christmas tree in our apartment and now we are sure our neighbour think that we are crazy since we had automatics lights on our tree since October 15Th... LOL

I hope that I will be able to travel again soon and next time I will bring knitting and find a LYS to buy local yarn too... !!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

FO : Owl baby vest

Yes another FO, my current projects are just so quick that I don't even have time to picture then as a WIP and they are already FO in my Ravelry page and here on my blog... :) I love that and it's very rewarding to look at those FO!

Here are the specs of my new FO :

Pattern : Owl baby vest by Jodi Haraldson

(it's a gift for a mom to be in my entourage, she may read this but since she is not the only pregnant woman... wait to see if you are the lucky one !)

Needle : 3.5mm

Yarn : Rowan Calmer in a navy blue color about 1.2 ball

Cast on : November 20th
Cast off : November 21th

Mods : none except for the bind off : I used EZ sewn bind off for the arm holes and I forgot for the head but it still big enough. If I made this again I would had button in the back or at one shoulder to facilitate the work of the mom to change clothes on such a little baby...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Those are for ME !!!

Yes my new FO is for me... not quite for me to wear but it will be for my .... child... I am pregnant for now 5 weeks and I already started to knit baby stuff for the little wee one that will enter in my life around July 29th 2010...

Here are the spec :

Pattern : Two tone-socks by Debbie Bliss (Simply baby book)

Needles : 3.5mm

Yarn : Rowan Calmer (navy blue) and Classic elite Wish (pale blue)

Size : 0-3 months

Cast on and cast off : November 21st

Comment : I love baby sock but this pattern is not my favorite, yes it's cute with 2 colors but there are way too many ends to weave in after the knitting part is done. Also the shape is a bit strange : the socks are pointy and too thin at the feet. I don't think that I will use the pattern again, I hope I will have more success with the other patterns in the book.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas gift number 2

Yes another Christmas gift is ready : fingerless mittens for my brother.

Here are the specs of my new creation :

Pattern : Dashing by Cheryl Niamath, Knitty Spring 2007

Needles : 4.5mm

Yarn : Wool of the Andes bulky by Knitpicks in color wine, about 1.2 skein

Cast on : November 7th
Cast off : November 14th

Size : medium

Mods : none but I wish I had made them a little bit shorter after the cables at the wrist but since he have bigger hands that me, it will be fine for him (I hope). Fun and quick pattern, even if it took me one week to finish them it was because I was sick with influenza but the knitting itself doesn't took too long and I am very happy to be done with them !!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Travel to Riviera Maya part 1

Hello !, here as promise, my pictures from my latest trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico in October...We had wonderful time and meet great people and we have a party we them tomorow night, that will be a lot of fun seing them again !!! No knitting trip, I had to rest from that too, but I will bring at least a little project on my next trip because my fingers were itching too much back home, I play with my yarn and pattern before to go to bed and I was exhausted... ;)

We left on October 9th from Montreal in the early morning so we could go to the beach on our first day out there. Here is a quick shot over Florida on our way to Mexico...

Riviera Maya is well known from tourist from all over the world and it's about 45 minutes from Cancun airport. Our hotel was Iberostar Paraiso Beach and we really really enjoyed the resort. We even consider going back next year for our wedding. Needless to say that it's a 5 stars hotel and it was so cool. Huge resort, a lot of walk but we enjoyed to walk to go to the beach and coming back to our room was a pleasure and we used to go the pool after the sea to take another drink in the pool.

We were very pale when we arrived in Mexico but we worked hard on that and now everybody seems so white to us back at home... lol !

Finally arrived at the hotel at 14h30 and we immediatly went to change in bathing suit and run to see the sea !! It was so cool finally being there after daydreaming about this travel for months !!!! I ran into it and finally felt in "vacation" and that last for 3 weeks.

Then we spent our time between having fun, meeting new friends, take cool colored drinks and enjoy the sun and the sea...

There are a lot more to say and must talk to you about our little aventure to Tulum Mayan site, that was awesome, stay tuned for part 2 soon enough !

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Chritmas gift is done !

Hello !!!

i'm back with more knitting, I had a busy month in October and since I've been 2 weeks in Mexico, I did not had time to update here, I hope you still read me...
So, on a special request I knitted a second pair of Fetching, almost like the one I did in 2008 for my sister-in-law...but since my brother used them so much she really need another pair. I followed the instructions but I had a repeat of the cable on the wrist and also one more cable on fingers because I found them too short last time.

Don't worry about me spoiling the surprise...she doesn't read this anyway !!!

So here are the spec of my new pair of Fetching

Pattern : Fetching by Cheril Nyamath from Knitty summer 2006

Needle : 4mm DPN

Yarn : Michell and CIA Luxury fine merino superwash DK, about 1.2 ball

Cast on : November 7th
Cast off : November 8th

Was fun and I'm going back to knitting right away Christmas gift #2....stay tune... oh! and as soon as I have time I'll post pictures about my trip to Mexico and tell you how it was !