Friday, May 30, 2008

Yarn day !

Hey I told you yesterday I have something to show today .... YARN !!! Knitter delights... yarn coming by mail and what about a double package, one from Australia and one from USA... a dream come true.

First of all, I have to say, that you people on Ravelry are just so cool and so kind. On the group of SOS 2008, a lovely lady offered me a skein of Regia yarn for free ! and since she had annoncement about some skeins she wanted to sell, I fell for 2 skeins of Rowan Calmer, which is hard to find up here.

Thanks a lot ItchyFingers to help me with a skein and somewhere between the moment I oepn the package and now I found what the Regia yarn will be : Socks for Dad... color is perfect. Check these very cute yarn cake.

Then, the package number two.... I got my swap package for Spring swap and it contains a yarn I don't at all : Corn from Vero Moda, 100% corn content, 130m for 50g which is DK weight I got 10 balls and a little crochet magazine and a kit of crochets hooks.

Thanks a lot Sue for this lovely package and I do understand that sometime life gets in the way, I just hope that now we can catch up and have a little chat sometime :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drop design new collection : vote now !

Hey look at all the pretty new designs that are planned on for fall/winter 2008... the vote is now to let them know which pattern are most attractive in whish language and this determine the schedule for translation of the patterns... must say I am totally in love with some patterns. As many knitters know : so many knit so little time !!!
Unfortunatly I can't show you pictures because they are still protected and I have no access to the pattern... so bad. But take time to vote on them and maybe I will be knitting some of these in next fall.
Umm, by the way I will have something to show tomorow...stay tuned !

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally something new to show !

I finally found something perfect to keep my hands busy until the beginning of Summer of socks 2008, which only begins on June 21st... so I have been mostly preparing all my pattern, needles and make ball out of the skeins to be prepare for it for the last 2 weeks. So it's why I am pretty quiet here since then... Not really fun for you or me taking about that, kind of do you know what I did today, I just found the perfect pattern for X skein of yarn and I can't cast on before June 21st !!! No, I prefer to keep all the surprises for now. And be prepared because from June 21st to September 1st this blog will be about socks only !!!

So now here is my new WIP : the world beloved pattern ... Clapotis ! And that's nothing more to say that only on Ravelry there are 6011 other clapotis, on needles or off needle since the edition of the pattern in fall 2004.

I am using the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that I bough a few months ago to do it and I am in love totally with this yarn, this is just SO soft ! Yummy ! I just want to order some more to do myself a nice cardigan for next fall ... It's the kind of yarn that makes you wanna cuddle the yarn all day long !

Here another peek of the first drop stich... say hello to monkey !

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FO : Baby feets

Yes, I'm just done with those addictive little socks, for sure I will keep them for me since they are 2 colors and I improvised the pattern as it goes. It seems that it will fit a baby maybe 10 months old, all depending of big the feet are !

I am also trying to swatch the Sari cotton I bought a few weeks ago but it seems that so far I don't find any pattern that fit it at all ! I though of Yosemite on, but my gauge is way too big, then a Drop pattern which is not so bad but unsure of being able to wear this kind of garnment and finally a little tee, but the comments are not so good on the pattern. I will have to play a little bit more to find what it want to be... I just hope to find soon, I would like to be able to knit it now !

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New stash

Hey, just received my new sock blockers ! So happy to finally have some ! And when I was ordering them at "The knitting experience Café", I wonder why souldn't I had some sock yarn to my order... After all the postage was the same amount with or without ! :)

So I threw in a yarn I never tried before : Cascade Fixation in 3 differents colors.

I had a number one service with them even though I had some difficulties to order by their cart, I copy and paste my order by email and I phone to give them my credit card number and that was absolutly perfect ! Great communication with the owner, which I really appreciate and now I want to stop by in my next stay in Maine ! I checked on Yahoo Maps and it's only 410 km from my home... not too bad. Who's in to a road trip to Maine ? :)

Can't wait for Summer of sock 2008 begins on June 21st to start more socks.... But I have to resist and only ball my skeins in prevision of SoS, planning pattern for all of them. But a month without a sock knitting is way too long, I will try to resist ... But at this moment I cast on either a new project or finish one of my winter WIP but they are not as fun to work with with the temperature increasing. And what about all of you, do you have winter WIP you don't really want to work on anymore since the weather is so warm ?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FO : Hera socks

Yes it's done, the second sock was way easier beacause I knew the pattern and was sure it was error free because I test for the first one. So here it is :

Hera socks pattern by Jessamyn Leib

Needles : 2.25 mm and 2.75 mm

Size woman size 7.5

Yarn : Araucania Ranco Solid less than a skein (have enough to knit a baby pair of sock)

Cast on May 3rd and cast off May 13th

I love love love this yarn and it was very inexpensive and a good sock maker ! Definitly will buy more as soon as possible... and in many colors...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

One sock down

Hey look I just grafted the toes of my number 1 Hera sock. Pattern is about to be release in a few days, be sure you check it, it's a fun pattern and the finish product is lovely ! A picture worth a thousand words as they say...


I will have a FO soon with these ! Stay tune ...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New IK summer 2008

Just received it yesterday and since I did not look the gallerie before today I am a bit disapointed of the designs for this summer, so far I only like 3 pattern enough to consider maybe knit them :

Apres Surf Hoodie by Connis Chang Chinchio

Plaid Halter by Gryphon Perkins

and Windowpane Socks by Chryssy Gardiner

(links are on Ravelry)

About Hera, I am doing good and I am close to the toes and will be done by the end of the week with the sock #1 for sure and will knit furiously to make the #2 as fast as possible because with all that sun today that makes me wanna knit socks and wear them in open shoes ! So people could see that I am wearing those cool socks and they are handmade, even if I am the only one to know... it will be my little secret while walking aroung in Quebec city ! Picture tomorow morning with the sunlight because I can't catch a could one so late today.

Umm by the way... it's my post #50, great huh ?

For tonight get a kitty(my ex-kitten)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Test knitting : Hera

As I told you, I am test knitting Hera pattern for Jesh and here are the progress :

The cuff and the leg is almost done now and I am waiting for instructions about the heel and the foot from her. Pattern is fun and easy to memorise and I love playing with this yarn ! It's my first time test knitting anything and so far this is fun to collaborate in the process. The yarn is the Araucania Ranco Solid that I bought some weeks ago. The yarn is fun to work with but a bit splitly. It's soft and the fabric created by the stickes is very very soft. I will probably buy of this yarn one day to maybe make myself a tank top of something close to the skin.

I think that I told you yet, but I sign in the Summer of Sock 2008 KAL. I also sign in both contests the most socks and the vacation picture. But my concern is about the sock yarn that I need to achieve my goal : I don't have large stash and I could not afford to buy that much new skeins so I arrange myself to get some sort of a sponsor.... my mommy and my BF will both sponsor some socks during the contest. How great is that !!!

PS if any yarn dealer what to sponsor me, I will be more than happy to provide you publicity for a very long time !!! :) What ? We never know...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good bye my love

No bad news, but it's today that Mr Wonderful flew to a foreign country for his work... It's for a year and I will see him every 2 months for 2 weeks, but since today it's only the first day it's horribly hard to be alone tonight, I will miss you a lot honey !

Anyway, back to knitting !

Today I needed something to keep my hand busy and I knit this :

A little pair of sock ... incomplete because I ran out of yarn, it's the colinette jitterbug left from the Monkey sock, I will look at it maybe tomorow I will have to complete with another yarn for sure, I still also have a left over from another colinette jitterbug, but it's green... It will look weird. No rumor starting, I'm NOT pregnant or anything. Since the point was just to have fun maybe the green toes are acceptables Do you think so ?

Also, I will be test knitting a pair of socks for Jesh from Ravelry. My first test knitting ever and I am very excited to begin, You can see on my link her blog and the fabulous sock that I will test knit for her. Fun ahead.