Friday, March 28, 2008

Wildlife meeting

I recently receive this picture at office by a co-worker. It happens few weeks ago in Quebec province, it's not my kitten, neither my picture but I though you would like it just as I do !

About knitting now, I finished the toes of my first Rainbow sock, so now I just need to make do his mate... I really enjoy the pattern even though I do not like to purl on sock needles ! I do not work today so I will have more to show to you tomorow possibly... after all I did not stop last week end at work, so now I can knit!

Enjoy the beautiful sun today, hoppefully this what I'm doing !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a day !

What can I say about today except that I talk too much and to too much people. Ok my job is customer service but do they need to call all in the same day !!! Anyway… on another plan what have been my week end; as I said in the last post, I worked everyday but Sunday, but it was really slow so I was in need to get myself a small and portable project to work at the office… mean girl I know. But with sometime 10 to 15 minutes between call and no co-worker near enough to talk with, what else could I do?

So this is when Rainbow socks are born ! Pattern is Rainbow sock from Suzanne Kitzmann in Magknits, October 2007, here is the link on Ravelry. I’m using Online Supersocke 100 in color Savane. Since I begun those because of Easter, I may call them my “Easter socks”. Needles are 2.5 mm. The pattern is very clever and a good pratice on short rows, I do improve my method as I work on this a lot. Look at all the spring colors !!! I totally love them and I do also love to get paid to knit, but don’t tell my secret, I’m not suppose to do it… lol

Oh!... and I couldn’t resist here are my flower this morning with the sunlight coming on them. Enjoy !

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring are you coming ?

I did not knit a lot this week, had a long week at job and it’s not over yet since I’m also working tomorrow morning and the whole day Monday as well + my normal schedule… so no Easter break for me, I need to fill up my time bank. But it doesn’t mean I have anything to show to you!

First of all, my BF just bought those beautiful flowers yesterday and today looks what great surprise I got when I woke up… How gorgeous is that, it smell like spring coming one day!

Then I get 3 delivery this week, twice for yarn and once for crochet book, I told you, by the end of the year I’ll be back to crochet for sure. I got “Not your mama’s crochet” from Amy Swenson; “Lacy crochet” and “Amigurumi” by Kyuuto! Japanese craft. Those are really fun to browse trough, My favourite one to learn is the first but the 2 other have real bunch of fun when it came to pattern… have to practice first and then I’ll do my first crochet project since the age of… umm maybe 7 years olds!

Then about the yarn… first of all a wonderful sock yarn : Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Sock Yarn in color Serengeti. (Look at the spring theme…) Still waiting for the other color I order from The Yarn and Fiber Company at the same since it’s back order at the moment, I’ll update when I get it.

Also from then in another order I failed for Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool in color Periwinkle, which a clear blue. It supposed to be a scarf for my grand mother. I give myself up to Christmas to achieve it. (Snow has multiple usage and is a great background for yarn)

I can say yarn sales are dangerous but since I only order this on the whole March sale, I’m proud to say I did not break the bank and I can enjoy my yarn without any regrets.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keep on knitting

I did not take a break on knitting this week, check out the good work:

First, I just finished the left front of my 103-1 Jacket, I still in love with the pattern which is a very good thing don’t you think? LOL Imagine rip all these stitches… ARRR!!! *Horror movie in my head* No seriously, it’s really fun but I do take experience with Drop pattern and their particular way on explanations of maybe I can say some holes in the explanations… I don’t really like it when it say cast off every x cm x number of times then do this, make a dance of glory is you succeed at the end or fall on the ground with pain if you failed. You always have to take several measures as you go instead of knitting!

I think I’m getting experience as well in my color accuracy with red, not perfect, but better…

Up to knitting right front now, it will be done just in time to be use as a spring coat, anyway winter is not over here you know, it's has been minus 14 degree celsius today... brr !

Then, I made a quick little something for a friend of mine who is going to have a little baby girl by May, her name is going to be Lazuli. So here is the baby bootee for her, Saartje's Bootees many time repeated around the world as classis baby bootee, they only need to be add little buttons but I did not have small enough on my hand, I’ll get some tomorrow for sure ! I hope she will like the color choice… :)

So small ... hard to imagine they will fit tiny feet ! I will send you a picture on the baby as soon as she will be there, but no hurry, there is too much preemie baby's at work in the last month so I cross my finger that she will be as close to the term as possible. Good luck Janie !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knitty Spring is up !!

Yeah, finally a proof that spring is not too far away... Knitty spring 2008 is out and ready to use !!! *Jumping around* As usual in each issue, there a lot to explore and plan to do... here is my Top 3 of this issue :




and a special reward price for an instant love for ....

Nob hill

My only deception is there is no new pattern for baby boy... I'll check elsewhere !

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let it snow... again !

Yes, again snow this week end, 2 snowstorm in less than 5 days it's really hard on everybody. We are now for Quebec city to 434 cm of snow this winter and the historic record to "beat" is 457 cm in the winter 1965-1966. It's not really something I'm proud to say like : "I was there on that winter and that took so long to melt, bla bla bla". Anyway... I had a little story about yesterday night to tell ... lol We took a taxi to join a couple of friend at their home like 5 km far from our appartement. We waited 25 minutes to get one and here we go, that was really hard to see anything outside of the car and was really happy not to have to drive. Then we head for Dufferin highway and on the ramp like 5 feet ahead we saw a big sign in heavy metal "Road close" and we just have time to see it and "BAM" we hit it so bad that the front and rear window breaks into tozen of small pieces ! What a schock ! Hoppefully we were not harmed or nothing but the snowstorm was so strong, it took 45 minutes to ge another taxi to reach destination. At the end of the evening we call for another taxi and there was only 5 drivers in operations for the whole city... so waited for an hour then decided to sleep on our friend's couch !

About knitting, I'm proud to say I have been very productive last week. I cast on last Saturday and the back is done and half of the left front as well ! The real is way darker but as you know numeric camera don't likes red ! 103-1 Jacket is coming out nicely and very quick ! Can't wait to actually wear it... very soon I think!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm back


Haven’t been around lately the main reason is that I’m working on a secret project for Josie and I can’t show it here! She will have to wait for the moment she comes out the hospital to see it…

But since I’m not a monogamous knitter at all, I won’t surprise you when I say I just started a new project again… I’m fast, easy, using simple stitches and big yarn… how could I resist to the appeal of yarn? Obviously I can’t! lol

The new project is 103-1 Jacket by Drops Design using Wool of the andes bulky of

This is how it will look like when all done :

This is how it look like now :

Almost done with the back, only 10 cm to go before to cast on for front. I still don’t know if I’ll do full sleeve or ¾ sleeves… But a very bad thing about this yarn is that it stains my hand badly in red as well as it does on my vest! Damn… I hope it will fade off.

Special hello to you Josie and congratulation for your new life as a butterfly after the cord blood transplant of yesterday. Sending all my love and a little prayer to be sure you will fly forever in the health skies… Love you a lot

Even my stuffed sheep would like to visit you !