Sunday, November 25, 2007

First snow

Hi there ! I don't what is the weather where you live but here in Quebec city, winter has arrived this week and that's kind of fun to see it again (I won't say that about snow in april... but I do enjoy the beginning of the winter !).
The view just under is from my appartement on Monday morning, it was freezing and snowing.

Let's talk about my good friends at the post office... I was waiting for my parcel for a month !!! So when my boyfriend told me we had received a card, Ive jump litteraly. Look at the deal I got on Ebay : 12 set of DPN, 11 circular needles 16'', 12 circular needles of 24'' and 12 circular needles of 32'' for about 30$ shipping included !!! I'm so proud of me, lol. And they are made of bamboo, yummy ! the feeling in my hand is just so more natural that aluminium of plastic. I can't stop touching them as soon as I see them around. Look at these beauty.



And finally, since my boyfriend is out of town for the weekend, I can't take picture of my progress in Drops Blouse so I've decided to post the image of what it will look like at the end. So far the back is almost done so maybe about 15-20% completed yet... I have also begin to swath for Cherie amour from and for the one time I do it it pays off. I've decreased of size for needle and did not cast on yet because I do now what size will fit me best, M or L since every post I read about it says it is make a bit too large... I'll decide this week probably. With the winter I'll also get more time to knit... good thing...

Have a good week everybody !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fresh news

I did not have enough time to knit since last time but here my progress since the last week... still not receive my new needle I bought on Ebay three week ago (they are coming from China) so last friday I went to my LYS to buy a 5mm circular needle to begin my new baby :
103-34 Blouse with short sleeves knitted in 2 directions with 2 threads ”Alpaca”. Size S to XXX by DROPS design .
I'm using Peruvian pure alpaca fina i've received a few ago. The color is "Smoky grappe". It is also the first time I knit with 2 thread at the same time and it goes very well !

So far I'm very happy with how it turned out, the big cable are beautiful and the work goes fast so far I've doned about 15 cm not so bad...
Look at the cable ! I love it truly.

Then on the other hand I'va finished the first Monkey by Cookie A. It's a fun one to do but a bit long, I don't if it's the yarn but it seems to take forever to arrive at the heel. Anyway I'm not sure to buy more of this Colinette jitterbug was sold in error 12$ instead of 25$... so at the double price I think I will go with something less expensive !

They will probably be in the Christmas sock of ... Did you really expect me to say it here !!! You will have to wait ... :).

Finally, I've also received my yarn form last Monday, I did not realise it before to have it but it came from Uruguay ! Wow, and I still get it in 5 days in Canada, I'm pretty impressed. Look at it it's Merino bulky in color Soltobosque. I'm a bit sad about the color, I was expecting something more purple and less... brown !

Anyway I will work with it anyway. I'm planning on doing Cherie Amour by Ashley Adams Moncrief with it. Until I have time for it, I'm keeping it fresh....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buzy week end...

What a good week end ! Hope it never ends when all goes so well :) . First of all, I went to cinema friday night with my boyfriend to see American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. I give this movie 4 stars. Good history (inspired by a real life story), superb production and casting, I'll see again when it comes out on DVD.

Then yesterday it was the provincial finale of Rouge & OR university football, that was really cold out there, but we had a great fun too. And without any surprise... R&O won an easy game against Concordia University. A perfect season for a perfect team ! With all this frosting temperature, I've tried out my new teapot stared above and to math it I've also made a Ballband Dishcloth (the pattern is linked here). Nice and easy this pattern takes me about 3 hours of attention between this work and another movie : Ratatouille from Disney and Pixar animation. I totally LOVED it !!!

Umm, BTW, my Monkey sock from is coming quite nicely , I've turned the heel yesterday. I'll post picture of it on the site when it's done with the number 1.

So have a good sunday, and sadly back to work tomorow... hope it could always be week end !

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love the postman !

Hello !!!

Today it's like Christmas, yesterday I had a little card from the postman to bring me a package... it was my order from wouhou !!! Too happy, it has been really hard to wait till I can get there to pick it up.
First I will have to really give a big high five for the service at Elann, they give me a super fast service on billing and answer to a question from me, they also take a lot of attention to how they pack the precious yarn that I bought there... really thumbs up for them !!! I will make another order real soon.

Look what I got

First of all :

Debbie Stoller,

Stitch'n Bitch the knitter handbook

This is Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina

11 balls of pure joy !

Then here 2 balls of Filatura Di Crosa Brilla

color soft mint

And also ...i've been tempted on two other color... Tangerine Dream

... and Carmine Rose

And finally for today, the progress on my so call Monkey socks. The pattern itself is just perfect, easy to remember and giving a gorgeous result. The Colinette Jitterbug yarn is giving really good result and I'll buy some more at my LYS ASAP for sure !
For the moment I'm at the beginning of the fifth repetition of the lace pattern for the leg, the heel turn is coming soon, can't wait to be done with the first one and jump on the number two sock.

Not bad to look at humm ? Leave me your comments :)

So that's it for today, going for another repeat on the pattern before to go to sleep.

bye bye !

Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to my blog !!!

Hi everybody who want to read a little, knit a little. Just introducing myself to blogging, since I'm reading so much blog, maybee I just though I could be my turn now!

Just a little note before to go further on this, excuse my english if sometime it sound strange... cuz it's not my first language ! I'm living in the french part of Canada, Quebec. So feel free to help me improve this part of me and be a better canadian extending my english notions... lol !

Let's talk about knitting, at this time I have a few project on needles but most of my time is on sock at this time, just began Monkey socks from yesterday they are going nicely.

Just finish the first round of the motif and going on the second one now :) too cool this pattern, love it really.
Umm by the way if you want to see more pictures my name on ravelry is Sophie8, you can add my as a friend if you feel like it.
So here it is for the first post, see you soon !