Saturday, January 16, 2010

FO : Trellis, well not really a Trellis but a cute toddler sweater...

Yes done done and done with my modified version of Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff avalaible on Knitty Spring 2005 for free.

Before showing my version of the thing.... let me show the "real" one as by designer

Here we are, cute cardigan with buttons and everything.

But here is what I done with that inspiration :

a sweater with buttons on shoulder to accomodate head easily and also not the real sleeves neither.

Here are the spec of that little creation (with lot of work...)

Original pattern : Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff

Needles : 4.5mm

Yarn : Knit Picks Swish Worsted in color Marine Heather, about 4.33 balls

Size : 18 months

Mods... be take a confortable seat because there are a lot of them;


BACK === I did add 6 rows of seed sts on the right side before binding off to be able to reinforce the shoulder and accomodate the buttons later.

FRONT === since I didn't wanted a cardigan but a sweater, I followed the instructions for the back again until the armholes decreases; after binding off 13sts on each side(armholes) I did continue to work in pattern as set for 15 more rows ending with a RS row. Work 22 sts, BO 3, knit in pattern til the end of the row. Nezt 17 rows, I decrease one at the neck edging every other row. Then BO all and right front is done. Do about the same thing on the other side. At the end, I add 3 rows of seed stich then work 2 buttons holes and knit 2 others rows in seed sts and after BO all. Front is now done.

SLEEVES === CO 39 sts as set in pattern. Work 20 rows in seed sts. Then, add one sts at beginning and ending of the row every 12 rows (7 times). While doing those instructions also add the biggest cable from Chart A in the middle of the sleeve. After last increase row, work 5 more rows in seed sts and BO.

After just have to sew every pieces together.

At the shoulder, I did sew the extra rows of seed stich on the shoulder and sew buttons on for reinforcement.

Note : I also decide not to add any other collar because anyway it doesn't show a lot and it's clean like that. About the yarn I choose : I may buy myself a whole truck since I love it so much !!! it's soft and superwash, what else can I ask for ?

Yeah ! done and I will send it by mail to his little owner, my nephew Zachary.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Knitting in 2010 !!!

I begin the new year while I still knit my old WIP from 2009...but I will keep knitting on them for as long as they took to complete them all, finally !

So take a look on those projects one by one :

First the highly modified Trellis sweater for my nephew Zachary...

I think that a button vest is not really well suited for a little boy who just want to play and run all around, so I decided to turn the vest into a sweater with a bigger head opening and I also modify the sleeves. I found the originals one to be too busy and distracted my attention from the body which I want to avoid. I will post all my mods with the FO post (soon enough I hope). I will finish the first sleeve today hopefully and cast on for the second one right after.

Then what about the Pea Pod Set for my own little one to be

I did finish the second sleeve yesterday and I still have to sew it on the body and then make the matching hat. The whole thing will need a good bath and blocking to open up the lace part. I already have many button in sight to finish the project perfectly...

And my last project in my current WIP bag are the plain man sock for my dad that I begun in *sigh* August of 2008... bad me ! At least he still want them and will be very happy in those socks. I turned the heel on the second sock and going great on the foot part, just have to sit and knit a bit everyday because it's not the most exciting knitting for sure !

Target end of project for the Trellis and Pea Pod are before the end of January, and the socks... right after I'm done with previous two, wish me luck !