Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nutkins part 1

Yes I did knit a complete sock out of Nutkin pattern since last post... but it did not went as I thought... I did drive all the way to Montreal and when coming back as well, so no knitting before Sunday morning at my brother house and I had a little misadventure with my contact lense... yipee. Note to myself always bring some other contact lense just in case even if I have brand new in eyes...

Anyway, Nutkins is going quite well and I really enjoy how fast the pattern goes. It did some mods, first for the edge at begginning I did not had the pattern when I begun so I figure it was ok like this, but it roll ... and I'm using 2.75mm instead of 2.5mm DPN and I'm really happy that I did it because they are just the perfect size now. Oh and I did a kitchener toes because it's faster to me than short rows.

I'm using the bright pink color of knitpick Palette I had in stash since Julie love pink... I am sure she will love those !!!

Stay tune for part 2 in less than 2 days I hope !!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slow week

Hey what about an update...

I cast on for a new pair of sock on Saturday and we are now Friday and I did not even see the end of the first one... But I would like to have both sock done by next Friday at 19h because it's the birthday party of one of my friend for her 30 th anniversary and I know that she will really appreciate the work I put in it...but I have to speed up my knitting for sure ! I don't think I have time to knit those by next Friday so I will begin a pair of Grandiflora (the new free pattern we got in SOS08) because I know I can do those in a week for sure...or Nutkins still hesitate between those two...

The pattern is Tilting cable sock in Interweave Knit Winter 2007. So far I really enjoy the cables and the pattern but be aware ther is an error in the begginning of the sock and I did not there is also an error on my sock but no way I was not coming back since it's not too apparent.

I knit on the recommand needle 2.5mm and I think the size is just perfect so far (fit snug) and the yarn I'm using is the Cherry Tree Hills Sockittome in color Gypsy Rose that I had bought in the sale of Yarn and Fiber cie last spring.

Here the closeup

Wish me luck with my gift !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yarn on Sunday

What is best to do on week end other than knitting... yes I know they are plenty of thing to do but one of my favorite is to knit and relax all day long. To help me achieve relaxation this week end, I received a great order by mail Friday... look at this :

Yes new yarn ... again ... and sock yarn needless to say !

I found these baby on Etsy from a dyer named : THE KANGAROO DYER , I had a great buying experience with her and a really fast shipping ! I order on last week end and got it in mail by Friday :) Wow, I can't expect more and the yarn is fabulous totally !

I order 3 colors

Mango reprise

Blue and cream cheese pate

Now that I had a great week end full of yarn and knitting time... I can't the week with plenty of energy and a big smile on my face, which is strongly needed in my job ! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yay sock #4

Hey just finish my 4th pair of sock for SOS08, not much in comparaison with some but I'm happy and I'm having fun which is the most important !!!
The pattern is Shady sock by Yvonne McSwiney
The yarn : Filaturara di Crossa Brilla in color Tangerine Dream (almost 2 skeins)
Needle : 2.5 mm DPN
They are for ... I don't know yet honestly ! lol... I'm sure I will have no problems to find someone to wear these !!! haha ! The yarn is a breeze to knit summer sock because it's made of Cotton and Rayon and it's cold enough on the skin to be able to wear handknit sock in summer heat !

I don't know what to do next now... maybe a pair of socks !!! ;-) Going to look in my queue to find the lucky pattern !

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another pair of sock !

Oh yeah, I just finished those yesterday night after leaving my BF at the airport for his transportation to work (next 8 weeks...) umm at least I have no escuses not to knit !
I just used the left over of the Cascade fixation multi of the other pair of sock that I made last week. It's a cute little pair of anklet and they were very fun to knit, here are the specs :

Pattern : Broadripple on
Needle : 3.25 mm Bamboo DPN
Yarn : Cascade fixation spray in multi
Fun factor : high !!!

Oh ! and this is how much yarn is not left in my ball... lol I was worried about yardage, so now I can breathe ! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Second summer sock

Hello !

Now summer is really here (knock on wood) at least I hope so now it's gone for a summer hot and spicy ! :) Full of socks as you know...

Speaking of socks I have a new pair to show you, really quick those. They are Lacy Multi-colored socks by Cascade Yarn (free pattern) done in the called yarn : Cascade Fixation Spray in color Multi. DPN bamoboo needle in size 3.5mm were used to achieved these...

here the evidences :

Oh, by the way,... I'm late but this week have been crazy ! Happy late anniversary to Canada, Quebec city and USA ! I had the privilege to see the fireworks of Quebec city 400th anniversary from my own balconny... unfortunatly I did not think to bring my camera to show it to you, but it was totally amazing, 5 to 6 time bigger in number of effects than usual fireworks in competitions... WOW ! A true fireworks fan like me was more than happy to see it and enjoy it... from home !