Saturday, February 26, 2011

FO : Little Bubbles for Florence

Yay another FO and this time I took pictures right away... good me

Second time I knit this pattern and with the same kit I only switch colors to fit my leftovers. I have barely 30 cm left of the purple and almost nothing of the green yarn too ! Yay 2 points for using leftovers :-)
So here are the spec of my brand new FO who made it the same day to the blog...

Pattern : Little Bubbles Baby Set Pattern by Nina Isaacson (unfortunatly no longer sold as a pattern alone or a kit, it's now part of a ebook on Knit Picks website)

Yarn : Knit Picks Simply cotton sport in haze heather, camel heather, malted milk, green tea heather, duchess heather.

Needle : 3mm circular

Notes : I really enjoyed knitting it for the second time. Since the pattern is made very small I decide to go for the biggest size but with some addition here and then to lenghten and widen it a bit to fit a real 12 months size. And compare to other clothes in my daughter closet is closer to a 18 t-shirt in popular brands. So she have a little room to grow in it.

First for the body I made one more bubble pattern at the shoulder. Then 17 rows of green, 12 rows x 3 of one row stripes, 6 knit rows and cast off. I pick up 70 sts at each side and k for 6 rows, for the button row (at the 3rd row) : k4, yo, k2tog, k8 repeat 6 more times and k4.

For the sleeve : pick 7 sts under the arm on each side instead of 5 (making the kimono sleeves). K for 7 rows, decrease row on row 8 (k1, k2tog, k til 3 sts before the end, ssk, k) and on row 16. k one more row (17 total). Then one row stipe 12 of each color combo. k 1 row in purple, p 1 row repeat 3 times and bind off all sts.

I highly recommand to weave in ends a few times while knitting this if you don’t wanna be frustrated at the end of it… :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

FO : Latrigg

My latest FO to date : the test knit I did for Lily Kate from Joli House blog the cute little bag she designed and I am so glad I test knit with her again ! The pattern is very clever - no sewing at all - only have a little of ends to weave and voilà ! Done !

It took me a long time to knit because life hit me with a few issues : the first cold of my little one, I got Lasik for my eyes (Yay!), school is very time consuming. At least I have found a daycare for Florence in time and I did not miss any courses because of that. Finally we are shopping for a new car to replace the one my boyfriend is driving for a little over 2 years, a old 2002 Elantra without A/C... which is necessary to carry our daughter around and he's working as a sale representing on the road so we don't have choice. Oh! and what about the wedding, we are getting married in Cuba on April 26Th so a little to take care of here too...pff. Maybe I can ask for days of 26 hours ?

Okay let's get back to knitting

Pattern : Latrigg by Lily Kate France
(soon to be release)

Yarn : about 150 gr. of Red Heart Super Solids in light gray and 50 gr. of each green color and variegated green as contrast color.

Needle : 3.75 mm

Notes : It's my first bag - and second test knit for Lily - and I really enjoy knitting it ! Clever and simple but not too much to keep it very interesting. I love the texture and the colors I choose. the very best part is that there is no sewing involved in it, only a few ends to weave in at the end ! If you are looking for a cool and cute little bag it's the one !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy busy...

Life is full of activities, baby entertaining, knitting and school... pfff and I wonder why I don't have time to blog these days! I have 7 FO to show in the next few weeks, including 2 free patterns coming and tomorrow the FO about the latest test knit for Lily Kate from Joli House blog will be online and you will see the result of my hard work on this cute bag of her : Latrigg.

Here a little preview picture for you to enjoy...

My daughter is now 6 months and after 3 full weeks of saying «maman» all the time now she learns «papa» (dad) and say it all day long, keeping the mama calling when she's crying... :P She's so funny.