Thursday, May 12, 2011

I do love swaps

Yes I did again and participate in SOAB 10, read swap on budget 10th edition. It's my fourth time I think that I do it and will certainly do it again in the future. It grows so big since my first time and it's fun. My only complain is about how small amount of time I have to chat on Ravelry now, with a baby almost walking at 9 months I'm very busy watching her !

So here my fabulous swap box that I receive from lebou1sa on Ravelry and I am so lucky to got her as my spoiler !

She sent me local yarn and soap from Michigan, a assortment of black tea that I adore, pretty buttons plus the best of all two hand made items (!!!) : a crocheted market bag and a very very cute sheep pouch since I love everything sheep.

I feel spoiled and I really enjoy being her spoilee...  Thanks again !!!

1 comment:

katili said...

I love the sheep pouch so much! You don't happen to know what pattern it is, do you?