Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I'm knitting right now

not much to say these day...too busy with the new schedule of work. I am back to work since 2 full weeks and it's a whole world of adaptation for baby and me. She's now going full time to daycare and it's been a bit of stress for me. I was worried about her being there for such long period of time and 4 to 5 days a week but she surprised me well. She's doing giant step in her development while watching other kiddos and she's doing well. She's really tired at the end of the day and need time to relax at home, but we all do after a day out of home.

The bigger downstep of being back to work is having less me time and time to knit ! At least I have bigger pay check and will be able to buy some yarn in the future... :-) which is always good news.

Meanwhile I am still knitting two projects :

first a very boring black ribs sweater for my husband that he wanted for so long... umm I said it before but it's boring !

and a very pretty and soft shawl/scarf made of pure silk which is a joy to knit

let's just call it balance.


Anonymous said...

wow! il est pour toi ou ta petite coccinelle? :-) xxxx Ju

Anonymous said...

salut Sophie! Congrats on getting married (beautiful bride!), the new house, and your darling girl is so sweet and grown up :) We are happy and well... Cedar is 18 months now, and baby#2 should arrive in about 7 wks, hooray! xoxo Kara